Whether your building a home, updating your lighting, installing new appliances, needing electrical repair, or wanting something custom designed, we've got you covered! Are you a contractor looking for a reliable partner? Look no further! we are here for you! we've got the best technicians, we strive for safety, integrity, and quality.

Smart Home

We've seen the huge need for help with these smart home products! we are here to the rescue!!! lets make your home smart! save money $$$ with automated lighting and hvac timers. control your whole home! never again will you go for days or even weeks with your expensive electronics not connecting properly. one call away and we can be at your door to save the day. weather your Alexa or Google assistant is not connecting or your tv's not syncing properly we can be there and solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Home Audio/Video

today's entertainment industry is at its all time heights. with 4k televisions and the latest gaming technology or virtual reality becoming ever so popular we need help keeping our media systems up to date. we work with all the latest technologies and products and stay on top of the industry. let us bring you the ultimate home theatre system today!

smart home rebates

check with your local government for rebate savings and other savings available for smart home products.

Energy Effiency

By automating your home your lighting, hvac, and appliances will all run on your schedule at the push of a button. Its as easy as opening an app. your lights , heat or air, and other appliances can shutoff when you leave and turn on right before you get home to be ready when you need them.

we offer Free Estimates

request a in-home expert today to get a free estimate and one of our smart tech guy experts will be scheduled at your convenience!