Our Approach

our plan is to provide the best costumer service, beautiful professional installations, and quick reliable service to the southern Illinois area. we will provide residential & commercial Electrical services, lighting Installations, home and business automation and smart device configuration and installation, as well as communications and networking. once we’ve become the face of the Illinois electrical and communications business we will provide green energy solutions to our business model. we have heard countless horror stories about local contractors not providing communication, leaving jobs unfinished, trustworthiness, and just being simply unprofessional. Now that’s no way to grow a small business or provide good service to our loving community! Its up to us to grow our communities and small business should work to make the community better. That’s exactly what we plan to do.

Our Story

Our company was born from recognizing a need in the community. Smart products can be confusing sometimes, and we all need help understanding new technology as we enter the future. We were founded in 2019 after the owner of SMT was at a house call and got another inquiry from a customer in need of help with there smart products. At that moment we realized the same thing had come up all week, the vision for Smart Tech Guy was born. We are Southern Illinois best when it comes to smart technology. We have worked with these products from inception. All of our team are enthusiasts and passionate about this technology and what it can do. Most haven’t realized that smart technology can save you energy on hvac, lighting, heating water, and much more! These energy savings turn into Financial savings every month! Once you combine those savings with the value added to your home from these products, it’s a no brainer. Now we don’t claim any specific savings, we simply do the math and show you what these products can do, they speak for themselves. Some local governments and agencies even offer rebates for smart products. We are here to understand the world of smart products and help you use them to there fullest potential. We offer free smart home consulting if you are interested in seeing how smart products can change your life. Click the link below to signup for a free in-home consultation with one of our experts. You can also call and schedule an appointment.

Meet the Team

We have a small Team of less than 10 people but are on pace to grow to many more in just a few months!

Owner– I’m Travis Carter the owner of this small business start-up! I’ve made it a mission of mine to make the world a better place and give back to my community. I’m a loving Father who wants to show his son that you can do anything no matter the obstacles! I believe small business has the power to change the world, we just have to work together! I come from humble beginnings but hope my journey will lead me to a place of unimaginable heights. I’ve been fascinated with technology and energy since i was a young boy. I’ve worked in electrical, communications, and construction my entire adult life. my hobbies include being a musician, environmental design, philanthropy, engineering, inventing, outdoor nature trips with my son, entrepreneurship. I’m currently working on several patents that will be used in the green energy technology field as well as other commercial applications. I believe with intelligent engineering, vertical integration, and careful planning i can create a new energy ecosystem.

Our Vision

Smart Tech Guy has a vision for the future of our housing market. As technology improves, and smart technology becomes increasingly present in more homes, there’s a huge opportunity to improve our infrastructure. Everything from the way its built and wired to what we use for energy has the potential to be massively improved. In the future Smart Tech Guy will be offering green energy solutions to its core business model. This will ensure our ability to really change the local housing market and make a fundamental improvement to our communities. Providing cleaner energy, abundance of excellent jobs, and improving the environment one home at a time.

We vision a future of connected smart homes in a community that are completely sustainable. Imagine a home, business, or community. Now imagine its powered by batteries! I know what your thinking, “that’s crazy!” It may sound crazy but the technology is here and in 10 years the technology will be unbelievably improved. To recharge there will be different types of green energy working together like an ecosystem. Since these homes will be intelligent the incorporation of good engineering is vital to ensure the sustainability of the home. To complete the ecosystem the home will be automated to grow its own food, recycle it’s own waste, and collect all its water and energy. These homes’ energy use will be on a designed schedule coordinated to the users lifestyle. If our homes could power themselves, feed us, and automate our daily routines our lifestyles will change forever. These homes are the future and we will be making the world a better place with them. Support our Mission and Vision by supporting our company. We need people like you to work for us, be our loyal customers and be our fans! We can’t make this possible without the help of our community. Lets make the world a better place! Click the link below to support our business!

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