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Smart Technology is our Future. Integrated and scheduled lighting, heating & cooling, and Voice or mobile Control will ensure you have the most intelligent home or business on the block! what the neighbors won't know is about all the Time, Energy, and Money your saving from your smart home! Call or Click the link Above to request a free smart demonstration or estimate!

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Looking to get a Designers touch to your lighting but worry your electrician doesn't look at the job in that manner? Wanting to really get down to the math and create a solution that saves you energy and money? Smart Tech Guy goes the extra mile when other electrician's don't to ensure your job is done with quality craftsmanship. We specialize in making your lighting energy efficient while also being beautiful to the eye. We make things easy and when we are done your home will look beautiful. The lighting in your home is really noticeable and controls a portion of your home value. With our services your home will be more valuable with every upgrade. Click the link below for a free estimate with one of our pros.




No matter if you need help with your Smart TV at home or digital display services for your local business we have you covered. Whether it's your sound bar at home acting up or you need a professional audio system installed in your business we can handle it. We can install your business server, install a new drop for your network, or simply trouble shoot your home internet connection. No job is to complicated or to small for Smart Tech Guy. Call or Click the link above for a free estimate

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